curriculum vitae

No – when I was born in Dresden I really didn´t know that there were that many nice places all over the world. Bannewitz, the village I had gone to school for the first years was definitely one of them. I had to realize this when I changed for the school „Romain Rolland“ in Dresden. For 4 years I had gone to school every day at 6.00 am. There I got „tortured“ not only with Russian and English but Czech, too.

After passing my A-levels and the extremely „nice“ times in the army I got caught by the Technical University of Dresden. The study times got a lot more interesting by working for AIESEC and of course my time at the University of Bradford. But also internships like the one at the Development agency of Saxony were engaging. Some time all good times will have to finish – like this the student times.

Surprisingly even better times showed up: after years of submission to teachers and professors the time came to teach myself. Students in Bogotá got to know me (and I got to know Spanish and Latin America – from Peru to Mexico).

Back home I wanted to work out further more and as a center manager of shopping centers in „capitals“ like Genthin and Zeitz I could do so (also working out skating). Then the moment came – the one of the EXPO2000. Saxony took part in this first world exhibition in Germany and I could chair its organisation office. Once being involved in setting up businesses I established the European PR and Marketing for LightPointe – an American start-up. Since then I´ve managed various projects in sales and innovation management. Now I work with InfraTec.